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Clients & Testimonials

Naomi and Colton welcomed their children in 2019 and 2022

"I used Monica for my first and second babies. My first was induced, and Monica helped make sure my needs and desires were met. She was essential to have by my side through induction, labor and pain management, and helped explain events of the day. She kept track of my labor for my personal records, and made sure I was comfortable and aware of my choices and happenings during labor and delivery. My second baby came naturally and I labored at home. Monica was helpful in keeping me on track with a progressing labor. From caffeine intake, taking time to rest, and knowing when to walk. I filled her in with my contraction timing that entire day. She offered to come to my home to help support me with labor, but we met at the hospital when the time felt right to us. From there, she again was so valuable in the hospital setting. She helped take some of the pressure off my husband (who does not thrive in a medical environment) and made us feel so relaxed like we were in good hands. I definitely recommend her to my friends and family."


Mattie and Jason welcomed Tristan in September 2019

"I don't know how people do labor and delivery without one! Monica was my angel during my labor... I was in labor for 30 hours and she never left my side. She was a wealth of comfort and knowledge, and she would help me find the best way to birth my baby. Even better, she's been super helpful after baby's birth with breastfeeding and just making me feel successful. I would recommend anyone that is going to have a baby to hire a doula, and Monica is one of the very best!"


Lindsay and Nick welcomed Nicolas in June 2019

"Monica was wonderful to work with and is now a part of our birth story and feels like family. She listened to the needs that I expressed regarding the type of doula and support I was looking for and it felt like I got a tailored experience! She was available anytime needed to help answer questions or setup visits to review plans. I was a bit of a nervous nelli as I'd experienced a miscarriage prior and was always worried I was going to do something to jeopardize my pregnancy. Monica was fantastic at listening, sympathizing and providing helpful feedback as needed. On the actual birth day, Monica was right there as quickly as I needed her and ready to go. My birth story ended up being a super quick contractions and then delivery and Monica helped me recount all the little details I was too delirious to recall at the time. In addition to helping me at delivery, she assisted my husband to make sure he felt comfortable during the delivery and provided the perfect support to us both. I was at risk for severe postpartum depression setting in. She came to visit us in the hospital the next day and then made additional trips to my home to check in on us. Monica feels like a part of our family now and holds a very special place in my heart for helping to give me the peace of mind, security and stress free pregnancy and birth I was striving for. I would highly recommend Monica to my family and friends."


Ruby and Jason welcomed Elizabeth in October 2018

"Monica was incredible and wonderful throughout our entire journey together! This was my first full term pregnancy and my husband was away with the army so to be honest I was terrified. She made the whole experience so much easier for me and for my mother too. I honestly don’t know how i could have done it without her!"

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Mariel and Greg welcomed Autumn in March 2018

"From the moment I met Monica, she felt like an old friend. She is warm, funny, sweet, and caring. I loved how she checked in with me a few times a week with a quick text to see how I was doing. And she really is available any hour of the day if you need support. During labor she was a calming reassuring presence, providing massage, a hand to squeeze, a sip of juice just when I needed it, and comforting words during panicky moments. She also took amazing photos of us during our labor and birthing experience, and beautiful newborn photos during her postpartum home visit. You can tell that she loves what she does and how dedicated she is to providing support to mamas during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. I would highly recommend Monica to any mama and would absolutely have her as my doula again if we have any more children."


Erin and Matt welcomed Wyatt in December, 2017

"We were so incredibly lucky to find Monica a few weeks before my due date. We knew we wanted a doula but life had been so busy during my whole pregnancy that we had very little time to actively look. The stars aligned and sent us Monica. She immediately struck me as supportive, compassion, professional, and very passionate about her doula work and supporting moms through the wild and wonderful journey of birth. She helped us outline our "birth wishes" and talked through what to expect in the weeks leading up to my due date. She was available at all hours of the day and night if I had any questions or concerns. She was great about checking in on us daily with a quick text. During my birth Monica was fantastic. She met us at the birth center and was there for me and my husband every step of the way. She was wonderful in helping me find more comfortable positions while laboring, visualization exercises, and massage. She was a great advocate for us in dealing with hospital staff. She also had the foresight to take photos just after our son was born, which I am so grateful to have. Monica is truly a gifted doula and someone I would highly recommend for your birthing experience."

Richard Grayson

Emma and Jake welcomed Richard Grayson in November, 2016

"Monica was amazing during the birth of my son. She is knowledgeable, strong and gentle. I was able to experience my birth without consistently worrying about what was happening around me. I knew if there was something important for me to know she would tell me. I knew that she was there to support me and help in any way she could. (Even if it just meant watching the monitors so I didn't have to). I felt empowered by having her by my side. I would recommend Monica for anyone's birth and I know if I choose to have another baby I want her by my side."


Beth, Tyler & big sister Isabella welcomed James in August, 2016

"Monica Wagner has been a part of my family’s life for about 10 years. She has always been there for us, and when I found out that she was a Doula I wanted her to be my Doula for my second child. My first child is 8 years old and I do wish she were a doula then. During my pregnancy she was full of useful information and tips. When I found out I was being induced into labor she helped me by giving me great options to look into. I didn't want to have to go through the Pitocin drip again and she told me about asking to have my water broken instead. I asked my Physician if that was possible and they did it! If it weren’t for Monica I would have never known what natural labor felt like. The whole time she was by our side. She was very caring, professional, and helpful. If I were to have another child I will absolutely have her there again. I highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant! She is fantastic!"

Abigail, June 2017

Abigail, June 2017

Odessa, March 2016

Odessa, March 2016

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