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My Philosophy

I truly believe that everyone should have a doula. 

Doulas provide support and encouragement to the birthing person and their partner. We do not take the place of your partner but we enhance their place in this experience. A doula encourages your partner just as much as we encourage you.

My Story

After being amazed by my own experience with my doula during the birth of my second child I decided that I should become a doula myself. But my journey in becoming a doula started long before I had my own children.

I am a wife and mother of two beautiful children. I also have two sisters that had some of their children before I had my own. I was present at the births of both of their first children, one was natural and one was by c-section. I was in awe of both of my sisters. Their strength and courage was evident and inspiring.


Many years later I was blessed with children of my own. During my first birth in 2011, my husband and I were both scared and unprepared. Although I was able to birth naturally it was also traumatic. During my second pregnancy in 2013 I was introduced to a wonderful woman who became my doula and my friend. She helped me find my center, find my strength and find my voice. There were a few bumps in the road but through her I was able to have the experience I had longed for.

After that amazing experience I decided that I wanted to help as many woman as possible have the births they hope for as well.

Everyone deserve a doula!

My Training
Birth Doula Training

Sterling Doulas*, DONA International approved workshop

Completed March 2015

*Now named Denver Doula Training

Certified Birth Doula

DONA International

Completed October 2017

Recertification Completed in 2020

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